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Open for over 20 plus years, our independent driver education program has a solid reputation, built on expertise, honesty, and impeccable service. Best Driving Academy is owned by Retired Navy Veteran Michael Doersom local resident who proudly served his country, and is now a part of a proud team of certified professionals who serve the community with knowledgeable drivers. 

Best Driving Academy is known for providing superior training in an efficient manner. Our commitment to our students, families, and local community is absolute, as we place their education and safety as our number one priority.

Combining exceptional skill and state requirement knowledge with advanced classroom technology and techniques, we make sure every student is confident not only for testing but in every area of driver education.  
When it comes to driver education, we are proud to be the preferred choice of drivers from around the greater Southern Maryland, area.​ 
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​(301) 885-0077 / (240) 448-2553

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